Case di Rio

 Via Colombo, 153 , 19017 Riomaggiore ( SP )




The crystal sea connects the Cinque Terre and surrounding villages, a network of panoramic paths permit arrival to their interiors and sanctuaries, together with a warm climate makes this territory one of the most important destination points among tourists.

The coast, with rushes down to the sea, is formed by reefs and bays with small beaches.

The typical houses are tower-like with two or more floors so as to utilize available space better and they have pastel colors which can be seen in many villages along the Liguria Coastline.

Winegrowing on the terraces of the surrounding hillsides creates a singular landscape in the whole world, kilometers of “Dry Walls”, a century-long of hard work by man. Wine and the characteristic sweet wine “Sciacchetra” are produced.